MikvehFor the community of jews in Isla Mujeres, Mexico is very important to attend  a thousands of visitors arriving to Beit Chabad in Isla, and  the Mikveh is required.

Currently underway is the building of a Mikveh to serve women who wishes to fulfill the beautiful mitzvah of “family purity”. We hope to aid women not only from Isla Mujeres but the surrounding areas.
With no proper Mikveh in the surrounding areas Chabad of Isla Mujeres and the community of jews decided to take the initiative and construct a Mikveh.

Chabad of Isla is currently in a process to find a proper location for the Mikveh.

For anyone who would like to donate to this ongoing and very important project please contact us for further details.

Regards and than you so much for you donation.

  • Zmanim